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Vote for Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!

Tee hee! I’ve made the second round of The Memoirist story contest

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I shouldn’t be goofing around. My story is actually kinda on the serious side. Bittersweet. Yes, there are bits of ha-ha and all that. That is simply my God-given nature — to see the quirky and funny. But not too much. The story is about me and my mom — you know mother-daughter stuff, complicated.

Some of you might be thinking, “Oh, my gosh, how can you talk about such personal stuff!” Shaunta Grimes, a writing teacher on this platform, created a list of writer “archetypes” and I am a “spiller.” I spill my guts, that is.

I find it therapeutic, writing about my life. Even just typing “t-y-p-i-ng” slows my racing ADHD mind and relaxes me, enough to decrease day-to-day anxiety. Writing makes me stop and consider events from a different light.

My entry, “I Am a Disappointment to My Mother,” allowed me to see that I was fighting a battle for my mother’s acceptance that I was never going to win. I may have in the past had thoughts like that floating about but I actually had an epiphany while I was writing that story. It was a painful thing to realize, to acknowledge, but once I did, it hurt just a little bit less.

“Disappointment” made it to the to 10 entries! (From 96 submissions - ha!) and now there’s another round of voting, but you must be a Medium writer to vote in this round and you can only vote once. (You need to put in your “handle” — e.g. @teriannefalcone.)

I hope you will vote for me, me, me, me.

No, seriously, read all 13 stories (top ten from voting, then another three wildcards picked by the Memoirist editors). And if a story from another writer touches your heart, vote for me anyway. Ha! Gotcha! Of course I’m kidding. (Not.)

The other stories are gorgeous! (Read them after you vote for me. Gotcha again.)

Do you Medium duty and vote! Voting closes Saturday, August 20th at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.



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